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The Dork
Shipping at the speed of Nyoom.
- Raye / 17 / Canada -
This is a multi-fandom blog so watch out scrubs.
I enjoy Sherlock, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Homestuck, Hannibal, Pandora Hearts, SnK, No. 6, Kingdom Hearts and a lot of other fandoms. This blog may also contain cats, my shameless cosplay, and silly drawings.
I spend most of my time drawing, blogging, and putting off anime I want to watch. I enjoy rainy days with Chai Tea with my cat.
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Hella Rad Music

 Drew a kiss scene today.
Wait, but I can’t draw kissing scenes. 


tulio gif
road to el dorado
el doradokiss scenedrawhow doi can't
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